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Multi-instrumentalist Siamak Ghorbanian Aghdam’s Independent Post-Rock Project

AtonalitA is a solo post-rock project founded by Siamak Ghorbanian Aghdam, a former symphonic orchestra violinist with a passion for rock and post-rock music.

Combining classical music elements with the unique atmosphere of post-rock, AtonalitA’s first album “Farewell” was released on July 12, 2021, coinciding with Siamak’s 32nd birthday.

With a background in classical music, Siamak has collaborated with a number of post-rock and non-post-rock bands such as Yenisei, Sidus, The Abyss Inside Us, The Glass Pavilion, Non-Somnia, At the Grove, hereafter, A Sight in Veracity, and more.

His collaborations with great post-rock and other bands are increasing every day.

Stay tuned for AtonalitA’s upcoming singles and albums, which are currently in their final production stages.